For close to 6 months now, the mini-basketball court at 273E compassvale link has been occupied by noisy players from as early as 730am on weekends.

As the court is not gated, it is therefore hard to regulate playing hours. The other fully functional gated court (2mins walk away) has a regulated playing timing from 930am- 10pm, therefore not disturbing the residents and their rest.

I happen to live in one of the blocks surrounding the mini court, in the past, we never had such issues, of waking up to shouting, chantings, and cheering and endless dunking of the basketball into the post. However, we are facing this noise pollution EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, and this specific bunch of foreigners from China, starts playing at 730am, end at close to noon time, and start playing again at 330pm- 8pm. ( I know they are from China from the endless shoutings).

I do understand the functionality of the court is to allow for residents to relax and enjoy their play, but players should be educated that residents are trying to rest and by them shouting at the top of their voices it really disturbs our rest. (Please note that we are not unreasonable people, we are just trying to protect our rest from being disrupted, you play during the proper timings of the day we are fine, not start at 730am shouting when everyone else is still asleep).

I have done everything from writing in to the town council, sending them videos of the noise disruption, writing in to the relevant MP, informing the police post of the noise pollution, however yet to receive a single reply.

Shouldn’t there be some sort of regulation to protect residents and their rest period? Obviously people are going to play at this mini-court when its not gated, and they can start at any time in the morning, instead of playing at the gated court which has a restricted playing time only from 930am onwards?

Im not sure what the town council is doing, as i have written in at least 5 times, each time with no replies.

Viva Singapura.

A.S.S. Contributor

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