So here’s what happened. As christmas is approaching, I get a lot of sales
that requires express orders and just so happens a few of my products were
out of stock. Therefore I made an order from my supplier. He ordered express
delivery for me using NinjaVan’s logistic service on 14th Dec 2015. Which
guarantees me  that I will receive the parcel on 15th Dec 2015, 9am to 2pm.
I waited for the whole day but there was no delivery at all. In the end, the
parcel arrived on 16th Dec, 7pm! A delay of 1.5 days! By then, on my side, I
was already apologising to my own customers for delaying their purchase. Some
had even canceled their orders.
So I typed an email to NinjaVan
As shown in the email above, the sales personnel said “…. And we see that
delivery has been completed…”
This only shows that they don’t care whether they manage to uphold their
guaranteed date and time of their service. They simply just get their job
over and done with.
After that email, they refused to accept the responsibility and chose to
ignore my emails. I had send out  another 2-3 follow up emails, but all of
them were ignored.
So I went to their facebook page , left them a
review with a star for their rating. The next day, they removed my comment
and removed the rating system.
Is that how a company should run its business? By using their staffs to lie
about the date & time of delivery so that they look good infront of their
clients, praying that their clients will never find out that they had lie
about it?
Also, is this how a company should solve a problem? By deleting away comments
and ignoring emails hoping that your customer will slowly forget about the
incident and let it go?
I hope that this post is able to reach to those companies who are currently
considering NinjaVan as their logistics service provider and I urge them to
think twice before getting their service.
Angry Corporate Customer

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