I am utterly disappointed by this man. I never do this type of thing. It’s not me. But everyone must know about this man. Please make this viral. People like this deserve to be aware of.

Me and my wife were looking for a new fridge and headed down to Harvey Norman Millenia Walk. This uncle, Felix Chin, got the cheek to greet us with a friendly smile. You know the one that is truly sincere and not a protocol smile. His English bloody articulate unlike Zoe Tay’s. And he was really patient. Even though Umar (my 1.5 year old cheeky chimp of a son) and his 2 abang cousins in tow were running around like headless chickens. He kept his cool.

We were there 3 days straight. 1st day didn’t know exact measurement space. So just look see look see. 2nd day we returned with measurements but we came around 9:15pm, 15 minutes to closing. I thought to myself “YES AH!!! Confirm this bugger kbkb. Cannot go home early. My chance to earn $50 from Stomp!!!”

Sekali he was more polite than the day before sia. Make my wife even harder to choose which model so have to come back the next day. Macam siak. Aku yang kbkb.
Final day. We came. He greeted us by name! Darah up siol. He can remember our name. I gave my full name.

It’s Shahrizal, not Sareezah, not Sarilja, not Sharjeeza, but Shahrizal. He pronounce it correctly lah wei!!! 3 days we were there, never once he did hard selling. And we finally bought the @walkingfridge.

Now can you see why I’m utterly disappointed??

I was like “eh siak ah!”. I was expecting a very rude, couldn’t care less, groggy ah pek. I expected likewise because I read alot about these impolite, donno how to p.r, poor oral hygiene sales rep from independent news portal every single time. You know lah we Singaporeans anything also post online. Anything also nak complain macam bapak dia punya Facebook. I was ready to jump in the pampered Singaporean bandwagon with my whinny complaint. But sadly this gentleman uncle Felix Chin didn’t give me a single chance. How annoying.


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