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I refer to your previous article:

Here is my response based on my experience.

The MO in question was just checking the 302 ‘grade’ by asking such
questions. I think the MO wasn’t clear about where he is coming from and
hence the misunderstanding. Different ‘grades’, different PES:

1. Masculine/straight-acting
2. Effeminate
3. Poorly-adjusted
4. Transsexual tendency

You have to understand that SAF categorises homosexual males into ‘feminine’
and ‘non-feminine’ categories. The ‘non-feminine’ ones will be involved in
more on-the-ground activites.

If you declare 302 in BMT, you’ll stay together with the rest of the guys
(straight guys), no segregation.

Feminine gays may even be exempted from NS. I know some cases of gays who
went directly from JC to university without going though NS.

For those thinking of declaring, my advise is don’t do it. You want to do it,
your parents will find out. You will be placed in a non-sensitive unit where
you get to go home everyday. But seriously, what’s the point? You’ll miss out
on so many things! I know of many gay people who went through NS being
themselves – not too masculine and no extremely feminine as well. And because
they are confident and positive, people like them.

It’s totally not true that every gay guy who goes to NS will have a hard

And someone asked if information about declaring homosexuality in NS can be
found online? The answer is No. You can only find these info in the General
Orders of MINDEF – usually via your chief clerk

Those gay who wanted to act tough better don’t declare. However if you are
gay and think that training is too much of a strain, than declare. The choice
is in the individual, there is no right or wrong answer. Another scenario
when it is harmless to declare is when your whole family members already know
your identity and all behind to support your decision to declare. They don’t
want their kids to suffer not just 2 year in NS but the whole of 13 years to
complete ICT. That is a lot of strain there.

Me and my gay friend happened to be recruited on the same day in the same
platoon. After a week or so during orientation, I wanted to declare but my
gay friend pull me away from the CO office and gave me a “good lecture”. He
wanted his identity to be protected but for me I wanted to tell the truth and
if I succeeded, we will be separated. He didn’t want to see that happen. So

Anyway, the writer is correct that declaring 302 is not a black mark on your

1. Gays who have declared 302 can work in the civil service.
2. MNCs and other private companies honestly don’t give a shit what you did
in NS, they’re far more interested in your training, your work experience and
what you can bring to the table when you work for them.

A.S.S. Contributor

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