how is one’s sexual orientation an appropriate topic of discussion between a server and a customer?

today, germaine and I went to Macdonalds Drive-thru Ang Mo Kio to takeaway some food. we were minding our own business, and we were holding hands and hugging. it was the long weekend, we were happy, and we weren’t doing anything that a normal hetero couple wouldn’t do in a public setting.

after placing our order with a cashier called Gladys, she eyed us and asked very intrusively with a tone mixed with condescension and disgust: ‘are y’all lesbian?’

germaine replied ‘what do you think?’ and walked off, but I had to stay to collect the change and heard Gladys giggle and mutter ‘oh my god’ in disbelief. she couldn’t believe that a real life gay couple was standing in front of her.

1. Gladys thought she had the right to pry into our personal lives although she was serving us

2. She said it in a tone that made it clear that she thought that we were less than her.

McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant. we were there to get our food and get out. we were not disturbing anybody’s peace, and we did not deserve to be demeaned, nor harassed by the staff. we did not need Gladys to make us feel like freaks.

the experience ruined our whole day.

I had no shame in holding germaine’s hand and it was upsetting to realise that people will still judge you based on who you decide to show affection to.
McDonald’s, please educate your service staff.

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