For several months I’ve been smelling a strong “chemical/insecticide” kinda gas that caused me headache. I thought it was the haze until the haze was over that smell still lingers in the air. So I thought that maybe our air quality just got worse. Little did I expect that I was so very wrong.

Just now I felt a burning sensation on my fingers and hand. I can’t describe this feeling but I can feel somewhat like a chemical burn.Then the “chemical/insecticide” smell was overpowering. I took a look at my hand and saw white translucent liquid somewhat like lighter fluid consistency. I took a smell and it was all too familiar. That liquid smells exactly like the “chemical” that causes me migraines and multiple swelling lymph nodes around my neck.

And then guess what?! Where did the fluid came from? From my handphone cover!!!! I have yet to take a picture of it. I will do so after I post this since I’ve written such a composition, I’m afraid i will lose it.

Anyway, I washed my hands with dettol and every soap I can find at home but I can’t get rid of the lingering chemical stench. And my hand is having a burning sensation even after washing. Now I found out about the mystery stench, i would like to warn everyone using the same kinda hp cover just like me to be careful if possible throw them away. Share with your love ones. Now I can finally free myself from the mysterious headache causing stench. I will attach the picture of it.

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