Dear fellow taxi drivers these are tips to get ready for the New Year late night parties. Follow these tips and you should get through the night smoothly.

1. Prepare plastic bags.

2. Try not to fetch those really drunkards, can’t stand on their own, slurring when they talk, behave violently.

3. Best to wind down window and check for yourself.

4. Personally I will tell paxs if they vomit, they will have to compensate me ($80 + car wash cost). If they are agreeable, then I will fetch.

5. Fuck LTA, NTA and taxi companies, they don’t give a shit about TDs predicament.

6. Once a year countdown, if you don’t think for yourself, who will?

7. Almost all the night spots area, most drivers will charge flat rate. Ai lai mai suah!

8. Passengers who vomit in ur cab, do u think they give a shit about the mess?

9. Lastly, drive safe and if u have a choice, dun fetch drunkards is the best!

Wishing all TDs a Healthy & Prosperous 2016.

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