Dear Editors,

Please help to share this. This is one of our neighbours and it is making her life uneasy. The furniture shop is denying responsibility and doesn’t want to refund despite weeks of arguments. The hinges are damaged and table glass is all covered with marks of adhesive tapes

“Divano Boutique Studio, also known as Fullhouse Home Furnishings Pte Ltd, 95% of the time uncontactable, and claim their table is defect free. Plus their very rude salesman said something along the line that “what I pay is what I get”..

Table was delivered and I made a call within minutes of receiving the table to take it back. I only saw tape marks which the delivery guy said can remove with turpentine. After wiping the table I start to see the rest. We requested for refund, which Fanny pleaded with us to give a second chance to go down to another store, we did not find anything suitable.

They have excuses from on MC (valid but didn’t return call as promised the next day) to delivery van broke down on day they suppose to take back the table. Feel free to share their boutique one of a kind table. They have since deleted my Facebook post on their page too.”

Punggol Opalians
A.S.S. Contributor

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