In response to the article (http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/zara-vivocity-staff-bitch-about-customers-no-desire-provide-good-service), a former retail staff wrote in to share his personal experience dealing with Singaporean customers. Perhaps customers should reflect on how they treat retail staff and stop having that self-entitled mentality?

Dear Editors,

I’ve worked in retail for over six years and I’ve seen the good, the bad and the plain ugly. First things first, most stores have a one person per fitting room policy. I worked in ladies department and i still don’t understand why ladies want to try in the same fitting room.

To me I flatly reject them saying that it was store policy and also for safety and security reasons. Staff is station at fitting room to ensure nothing funny happens in the fitting room. And also to monitor the amount of garments going in and out.

Why must try together? Want to see each others body? Really doesn’t make any sense.

Sometimes customers are just plain rude to retail staff treating them like their personal slaves. To me if the customer is already rude to the staff, then of course the staff will be upset. This is no longer about customer service but respect between two human beings.

Customers also insist on getting things their way when its not possible. Example will be trying to refund an item when its way past the date for refunds. Then when they cant get a refund, they go and complain. That is really absurd. Worst part is when customers try to tell us how to do our jobs. Maybe i should go to their offices and tell them how to do their jobs too.

Also, they tend to blame the staff when its their own carelessness. Like when they took the wrong size and come back to exchange but the size is not available, they will blame the staff for not telling them that they took the wrong size. Staff are not mind readers ok.

Even worse is the messy shoppers. This always happens in the ladies department. After trying on the garments at the fitting room, they throw it on the floor instead of bringing it out to the fitting room table and leaving it with the staff. When on the sales floor, after looking or trying the items, they simply put them on the floor, on seats or anywhere the find it convenient, making the store messy. Some even go to great lengths to remove items on mannequins and displays without asking for any help from the staff.

Customers are not always right. They just want to try their luck to make things go their way. I’ve seen every trick and ways they would go to get what they want.

A.S.S. Contributor

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