A woman ordered two plates of hor fun at a zi char restaurant, only to be charged a jaw-dropping $97.60 for the two dishes. The 49-year-old customer patronised the restaurant located around the industrial estate of Sungei Kadut at Woodlands.

Mdm Huang was there with 20 family members for dinner. They ordered hor fun, steamed fish, pork ribs, crispy chicken, cereal prawns and other dishes. The total bill came up to $731.30, but the cost of the two plates of “special hor fun” left Madam Huang pissed off.

She said: The dish was not listed on the menu, but she ordered two plates “to try” upon the staff’s recommendation, thinking they would cost $25 at most. She added that although each portion was supposed to be ‘large’, the dishes could only feed about 10 people.

Madam Huang was disappointed that staff did not explain the prices before recommending the dish, saying it would be “the first and last time” she patronised the restaurant. “If it were a high-end restaurant, I can understand, but this is an eatery in an industrial estate after all,” said Madam Huang.

She also complained that the plate of pork ribs that she ordered cost $62, but only contained 10 to 12 pieces of meat. The manager of the restaurant said the menu had recently undergone a revamp, and there was a new head chef in charge.

But the hor fun, which is their signature dish, is still available although it is not listed on the menu. The dish contains expensive ingredients such as sea cucumber, baby abalone, abalone slices and scallops, said the manager. However when contacted, Madam Huang said there no scallops in the dish.

The manager added that the restaurant will be including the dish in the new menu which will be available next month. Staff will also be advised to explain the pricing of the dish to customers.

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