Dear Editors,

Zara workers Meng Xi & Gina bad mouthing behind their customer and refused to let us share the same fitting room even though we were q-ing together. Me & my friend were queueing at fitting room at Zara Vivocity, we queue for 15 mins and think since the q so long as everybody is waiting, why not we just share a room instead so that other people can get in faster.

When it was almost our turn the lady called Gina, ask my friend how many piece does she has, and my friend was given a number by her and she asked me the same question, i told her no i don’t have any, she said since then you have to stand outside (not to go in same room with your friend), we were quite confused and we didn’t say anything, in the same time when we were waiting for our turn to go in, i heard another lady called Meng Xi was grumbling with Gina about another customer, she said in chinese “i told you to tell her if she wanted to change sizes, just go out and re-queue, no excuse! Don’t waste our time!”

We were thinking what kind of customer service is that?! No flexibility at all, the customer was pushing baby pram that was really inconvenient for her to re-q. the staffs should be more helpful instead of bad mouthing behind the customer!

Back to us, it was our turn to go in and try, we just went in the same room together, Gina stopped us and didn’t let us to go in to the room, when we ask her why, she said just No! then we asked her to explain why not? Since we q as 1 and we were using 1 room instead, i don’t see what’s the problem with that, they can’t explain, just keep saying no !!!(both of them), meng xi and gina. I told them you are now losing your business just because of something unreasonable! we returned them all the clothes and walked off, both of them were obviously gave me the attitude of who cares?!

we have been trying to email and call to send our feedback but none of their phone lines work and nobody bother to replies to our email at all too.

please kindly share this post so that our feedback will be at least be noticed

A.S.S. Contributor

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