Dear Editor,

I really don't know what those people at marine parade town council is thinking, the blocks in my neighbourhood are filled with pigeon roosting all over the expansion room area and leaving their waste matter all over the balcony areas to the extent you can't even open your windows on days that have no winds because of the smell from the waste. These areas are not able to be cleaned by residents unless TCs used scaffolding lifts due to it's height and inaccessibility. Other problems include damaged lift doors and lift lights and as well dangerous walkway tiles that are cracking and popping up that has been made known to then for god knows how many times and no one ever comes to fix them.

Most of these areas are inaccessible to us home occupants to go clean up the waste, only TC can engage contractors do that, i even informed that useless kate spade and everytime she'll say i'll direct your email / complaint to the estate manager of your block despite telling them i wish to see a resoultion on this pigeon breeding issues around the whole neighbourhood. ( i suspect she perhaps does not read her own email, secretaries does that and only serious, her newsworthy incidents gets directed to another email which she sees directly herself)

Call NEA, they tells us to look for town council directly, they" arrow" to them because they claim our TC should have a " pigeon control plan"

The estate manager lagi best one, tells us " we can't do anything about them, they are natural habitats". Like wow.

Instead they focus on tearing down upgrading a playground and the fitness corner that were built for less than two years which looks brand new and people seldom uses them. I really think that the town councils have their priorities all wrong, they rather focus on renovating more 'visible' projects ad wasting our tax payers money than actually solving a legitimate pest problem that can affect resident's health and living conditions. 

Mr Tan

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