New Yishun Community Hospital will add 428 beds

I refer to the article “New Yishun Community Hospital opens to patients” (Straits Times, Dec 28).

It states that “The 428-bedded hospital, which offers rehabilitative, sub-acute, dementia and palliative care, is opening in phases and will start with five subsidised wards, or 170 beds”.

12,933 total hospital beds?

According to the Department of Statistics’ Yearbook of Statistics 2015 – in 2014, there were a total of 12,505 hospital beds“.

Adding the 428 beds from this new hospital gives a total of 12,933  beds (12,505 + 428).

According to the Department of Statistics –  the number of total hospital beds was 11,936 in 2001.

Increase of only 997 beds from 2001 to 2015?

So, does it mean that the total number of hospital beds in Singapore only increased by about 8.4 per cent (12,933 divided by 11,936 beds) or about 997 beds from 2001 to now?

Population increased by 1.44m?

Against this, the population has increased by 35.1 per cent from 4.1 million in 2001 to 5.54 million in June 2015.

Reciprocate trust with more help?

Since the people have given their trust and mandate – we should spend more to help Singaporeans.

Leong Sze Hian

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