Dear ASS Editors,

Attached is the video recording on how loud the noise from Obar pub at level 1 can be heard in our house at 780 Upper Serangoon Road. This can be heard at our house at level 3! The noise has reached 90 decibels and my young children cannot sleep. We have complained to SPF before but nothing was done. We have complained to Hougang NPCC many times (at least twice a week) and every time after the officers left the pub the noise is back to ridiculous levels.

How can the police grant a pub license to a mixed development when clearly the noise level from the pub would severely affect the residents staying above? Please help us urgently.

Frederick Wong
A.S.S. Contributor

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD-7RCDdHEM&feature=youtu.be

“We are a family staying at 780 upper Serangoon road and we have stayed on the third floor of this mixed development. There are a total of 10 families staying in this development but we are plagued by problems from Obar with all the noise and occasional fighting. The noise from Obar has reached 90 decibels and when we complained to Hougang NPCC the noise would be reduced when the officers came but increased after the officers left! My youngest child is only 4 years old and the noise affected all my children. We hope the SPF can look into how a pub can be granted the license to operate when it creates so much problem to residents.”

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