Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I purchased New Moon brand whole shrimp dumpling at Giant supermarket located at Admiralty mrt station on 28/12/15 at around 5pm. 2 packets were stacked together with a yellow wrap-around sticker stating offer & only 1 packet’s expiry date was visible with 16/01/16.

As I was going to consume it the very day, it didn’t bother me much. After reaching home, i opened the packets & to my surprise, the packet which was strapped at the back was way overdue a few months ago.

I returned the purchase back to the supermarket & refunded my money back. The staff showed no reaction nor were apologetic.

It is disgusting that a big supermarket like Giant has resort to underhand methods to sell off products which are overdue with total disregard to consumer safety.

I’ve already lodged a complain with NEA. I’m writing to alert fellow consumers of these errand retailers. I’m never going to step into any Giant stores. They disgust me!

A.S.S. Contributor

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