Dear Editors,

I went to this restaurant GYUU, Emporium Shokuhin at Marina Square with my hubby for lunch today and we were recommended this festive holiday set for 2 at promotion price of $168, which it stated the original price was “up $180++”. The promotion card also stated the 8 delectable courses and 2 complimentary drinks.

We thought it was a good buy and we opted for this set. However, after I finished my food and was about to call for the bill, I made a calculation on the food price based on ala carte price and to my dismay, the total price was much cheaper than the so called promotion price. It cost only $157 with all the food that I had.

I enquired the manager and he did a calculation and told me that the price of $180 is inclusive of the two drinks. But even if we added up the most expensive drink Sapporo Draft beer which was $9 each, the total price was still at $175!!!

How did they come up to $180??? Moreover, it was stated the drinks are complimentary!!! After much discussion, the manager offered us that we pay either the ala carte price or the promotion price.

I told him the so called promotion was fake and mispresenting and it almost con us if we had not checked on the individual price. We were paying the same price or more with their “promotion tactics”! Finally, the manager reluctantly gave us a 10% discount with charging my 2 complimentary drinks into the bill.

The bill came at $167 before discount, GST and service charge, which was $1 cheaper than the so called promotion with complimentary drinks. The total ala carte bill was $176.90, still less than $180++ with my complimentary drinks, service charge and GST. So where was the promotion all about?

I was total disgusted with the unfair consumer practice by this restuarant which left us no option but to pay up the actual price and there are no promotion at all. I hope the those who visit these restuarants do their checks before believing that there are really good buys.

A.S.S. Contributor

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