Dear Editors,

Thank you for taking your time to read this feedback. I was very disappointed with your customer service SARA (SHENTON INSURANCE CUSTOMER SERVICE) that served me on my return call on 29 December 2015 at around 11;30-12pm. I have made a call to enquire of the status of my claim because i received a send back mail of my invoice WITHOUT a proper documentation indicated of the status or what should i do next.

Sara returned my call to inform me that HER COLLEAGUE FORGET to attached the reject letter from Shenton Insurance, mind you the status claim in the system is still SUBMITTED and no rejected indicated if really my claim is rejected.

And so i explained to her nicely that on the day i visited A SPECIALIST (OF WHICH THEY ACCEPT SHENTON INSURANCE UNDER MY COMPANY AS I SHOWED THEM MY INSURANCE CARD), i did not bring the referral letter and i do understand that if i do not produce the referral letter they will asked me to pay cash and so my question to SARA was, i do have the referral letter with me, should i send the copy of referral letter together with original invoice? She told me that the clinic charge me private rate because i did not bring the letter with me of which i told her that i am not sure what rate they charge me because how would i as a customer know the different rate between private subsidise or shenton insurance rate unless someone informed me. Must i find the information myself and not being provided with one?

And came your Sara talking and the way of she saying it like blaming me of which i told her i understand that i forget to bring the letter with me so my question if there is anyway to reclaim again or not. And Sara raised her voice to me and calling me my full name without any proper salutation and told me it is my fault not to bring the letter and i should know everything about the policy.

Of which i have to stop her since everytime i want to explain nicely, she interupted me until i have to raise my voice to get her attention to listen to me.

I am very upset with the way she handle my call, my simple question of yes or no if i can resubmit the claim with the referral letter and invoice turns out to be a good lecture session for me. So i should not enquire and should study your policy instead? Already every time claiming is so hassle, and with this i just feel like i owe Shenton Insurance a living instead of them helping me.

Is this how you guys reject and explain to your customer? Techinically i am YOUR CUSTOMER since i am using your service? Do i deserve such treatment just because i cannot claim

Already i feel so helpless because i cant claim but i think i am not a beggar that deserve such treatment, i do hope you take a look into the matter.

Angry Insurance Customer
A.S.S. Contributor

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