Dear A.S.S

I’m American but its hard to generalize the average Singaporean, you meet bitchy people in every nationality! I’ve met some truly obnoxious, entitled, lazy ones through work but I’ve also met some of the kindest most thoughtful people.

One night I got in huge argument in a taxi with my fiance after I found out he cheated on me, he storms out, and taxi uncle who had to embarrassingly had to witness it all, turns off the meter and says “That man is a stupid idiot, let me take you home, no charge.”

When I get home the magnitude of our argument dawns on me, and I sit downstairs in the garden crying. Next thing I know two Singaporeans are giving me hugs and offering me some soda and cookies. They were 18-19 and only approached me because they thought I was their age (i’m in my 30s so that made me smile) but these strangers sat and talked to me all night, made me laugh, and cheered me up.

Say what you want about Singaporeans being shy, but you can’t say they’re not compassionate!


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