Dear editor,

Can I point out to you this injustice

When Singapore government target cigarette sellers, they say they do it for the people’s own good . Say smoking increases cancer, shut down all illegal cigarette seller, impose high taxes so people don’t smoke so much .

When you say like that, people think the government is so good . takes care of the people ..

What people don’t know is the government only wants to benefit from your taxes . Impose high tax get more money from cigarette sales . others who sell the cigarette not belonging to them get fined, jail and blackmark for life .

To know the double standard, you just look at online e-cigarette seller . their profit is not much, so government pay no attention to them . what for catch them when they don’t earn much anyway ? if anyone online sell then forget it , no need to act from police . but when illegal cigarette seller by the roadside , then government will catch and jail you .

You tell me, is this double standard of Singapore government or what ?

A.S.S. Contributor

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