Dear ASS,

It has come to my attention that there is a petition that has been circulating urging the Singapore Police Force to start taking actions to find the Yishun cat killer. (www.change.org/p/hoong-wee-teck-commissioner-of-police-urge-singapore-police-force-to-catch-and-stop-the-cat-killer-in-yishun)

I find it ironic that people are willing to organise neighbourhood watch groups and petition the police to utilise full resources to solve cat murders when there is so much inaction for other cases. Look at the responses to other police appeals and you’ll see what i mean. Nobody organises a neighbourhood watch or petition to solve theft or loanshark harassment and we have petitions jumping up and neighbourhood watch groups for cats when they die?. Are we caring more for cats than people?

To make things clear, I’m not against the finding of the cat killer. In fact I was very heartened by the outrage over the deaths because i know there are people who care for the stray animals in our neighbourhoods. But we should not become blind to the needs of other people just to further our own agenda. Everyone wants to have their case solved and justice served as soon as possible, but we should let the police prioritise their cases on hand instead of making noise and attracting attention for our own cases to be given more focus like school children vying for the teacher’s attention.

If I were to have a police case waiting to be solved, I will definitely not like it if the police prioritises the cat killer over my case. Perhaps it is natural for people to think their cases are more important, probably because they can relate to their own cases more, but we should also know that others also feel anxious and every day without progress in their cases can feel like a very long time.

If we can trust our police enough to ask them to solve our complaints, maybe we can trust them enough to manage and prioritise their cases. I hope this letter can be published for some reason, and perhaps understanding, from the cat lovers community.

Mr Yeo
A.S.S. Contributor

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