Dear A.S.S,

i’m an indian pr who’s been studying in international schools his whole life and now my parents want me to join a local jc. i got 5 A*s and 2As in my o levels (igcse). just got my SPERS-JC results and I got innova, yishun, jurong, pioneer, millenia and my parents are rather pissed lol.

can anyone tell me what my options are? i’m assuming those jcs aren’t exactly the greatest but it doesn’t really matter as long as i do well for my a levels, right? should i try to DSA to a better JC? or should i do poly?

my dad hasn’t studied in the local system at all but he always lectures me on how i absolutely HAVE to go to jc and that poly is for idiots which i’m assuming is untrue. he also says that the government funds polys and gives them better facilities than jcs to attract students so more people go to poly and end up getting shitty jobs (because there is a shortage of people who want to work those jobs) which honestly sounds like some conspiracy shit to me. i really don’t know if he’s bullshitting or not and i need some external advice. he also says pioneer jc is full of gangsters, hope thats not true lol.

i’m not sure if we have enough money to pay for another international school. i feel really disappointed in myself right now and i really need some advice on what to do next. also, i finished my o levels 2 years ago. then i joined an ib school but got burnt out really hard on the massive workload and my shitty subject combination (took biology instead of physics despite liking physics more since my parents suggested bio) and ended up dropping out after 1 yr. so now i’m pretty sure i don’t want to study biology. i went to a poly to take the SPERS-JC test and thought the facilities were actually really cool, i wouldn’t mind studying there.

could really use some advice or pointers. thanks


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