I saw the articles from the vasantham actress and PA of a film production in
sg and would like to also say that it happens in Suria!

I dont want to be named but I’m a fairly well known actress in Suria. You
have probably seen me in commercials and magazines too. If you are malay,
chances are you know my face and my name. I’m all over the place in the malay
film community and im one of those really famous actress and people often ask
for a picture with me in public. You may think we are ‘so kaya’, paid well
and live comfortably but this is not true.

I, like many of the big local stars are not paid well. Tbh if you think about
it, all the malay celebrities have a full time job or side business elsewhere
while acting at the same time. Some will take to being emcees/host/DJ for
events or weddings. Those who purely want to do acting only will be starred
in multiple different shows at the same time just to make ends meet, and this
is why sometimes you see the same actress or actor acting in every sit com,
drama or commercial. because no choice lah. money from one project is not
enough. My pay can be as low as $200 for a project. 1 project can take 2
months to complete shooting and most of the time I have to be on location the
whole day. Normally by night time I will rush to my other project because I
often juggle at least 3 of it at the same time.

some film productions are professional and treat us with respect but MOST
MACAM SIAL. my pay is always delayed by months and in some cases they expect
me to forget about it and stop chasing.

Id like to say that it’s not mediacorp or suria that is at fault, its the
film productions in sg! wtf sia so blardee budget!

mediacorp pays film productions lots of money (tens of thousands) to create
content. But all the money goes to the whoever it is who owns the film
production. He will fork out just mere pocket money to film crews and then
book at least 1 or 2 A lister celebrity for cheap (as low as $100 – $600) and
then get students to act for free.

Kids in SG are naive and want the fame so they will jump for any opportunity
to act even if its free. Normally food is provided during set because someone
will buy chicken rice or something. but then they kids dont gain anything.
Not even fame, because their face will only appear for 3 seconds or they only
have to do one line. I have seen so many secondary school kids skipping
school just to travel all the way to shooting location and wait in the sun
for their turn to act. By the time it’s their turn to act, director will be
so harsh and humiliate them for being nervous. I don’t blame the kids, they
dont have the experience for it and nobody was directing them! i overheard a
director saying ‘kalau dier isap, aku bagi spot” which means “if shes willing
to suck my dick, will give her a spot to act”

Film productions always want things for free. They will get free sponsorship
for food, drinks, wardrobe, music, by promising that the item will be
displayed in clear view on screen but this is just a scam. For example film
production gets sponsorship from a beverage brand, they get cartons of free
drinks for crew to take and in return they need to show the actresses
drinking it on tv for company awareness but often they just put the can of
drink in the background but the image it so blur and small, you dont even
notice it on tv. local bands often manipulated to provide free music for film
production to use as soundtrack. local clothing brands and even big branded
labels provide their outfits to be ‘borrowed’ for wardrobe but its rarely
returned and the ones who steal it is the film productions.

This is why singapores local artists cant succeed. they dont pay the actors
well, they dont pay the musicians, local clothing brands get taken advantage.

I act in Kuala Lumpur half the time because they pay us more in malaysia!
ever notice how celebrities and musicians have a strong fanbase in malaysia?
because they are all paid well and all talents in all prospects are being
looked after. In sg, you have no other option but to take what you get.

its sad to see broken dreams of actresses and actors once they realise they
can’t keep up with such peanuts pay. its sad to see them showing their
talents on tv and being a STAR for a year but then the next year disappear
forever from the acting scene and becoming just normal people.

producers often bully the workers. they make them do things out of their
jobscope. For example, one producer i worked with made his production
assistant book a hotel for him with her name so that he can pangkeng with a
wannabe actress. at the end of it, the wannabe actress wasnt even selected
for the show and the production assistant never got the money back

is this fair?

A.S.S. Contributor

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