This incident happened on 26th December 2015, 11.30pm at Boon Lay Bus Interchange. I was waiting for Bus 30 with my boyfriend when i noticed that there’s one indian guy standing beside us, ogling at me. At first i thought he was waiting for Bus 30, i then told my boyfriend that i was scared and he said he would send me to take my bus home. After 1 minute of walking, we stopped because my boyfriend was trying to wear his watch. I then realised that the indian guy was actually following us. He continued staring at my thighs and following us all the way to our bus waiting berth. We was waiting at Bus 258 lane whereas he went to the lane besides us which is 243W. He kept turning and staring at my thighs until me and my boyfriend gave him a death stare.

When his bus came, he went up. I was relieved. Then he wave goodbye to my boyfriend and gave that smirk on his face to us.

Please becareful ladies who is heading home late at night. The fact that he could taunt my boyfriend back, he doesn’t seems afraid of us. He could be capable of anything. Please share this out and remember the face.

Ms E
A.S.S. Contributor

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