Help share to save Siling Secondary School.

At 16, I was a reject. First from Anderson Secondary… it was Ms Leong. Then Ahmad Ibrahim… Mr Ng … I think. Then lastly, Siling Secondary, Mr Bhajan Singh took me in. I remember clearly what he said to me in his office with my mother sitting next to me. He said.. “I will not tell any of ur teachers abt ur past, including ur form teacher. And u need not tell them ur past. Because if they knew, they will look at u from a different light. Ur job now is to pass ur O lvl. And u do that.” Tat was April 1986. I flopped my mid term big time. I remember when I went back to school to collect my O lvl results, I bumped into Mr Singh. He asked me how did i do? I said I passed all my subjects and I scored well. He took a look at my slip.. and he said to me. Now Harold… Go back to all ur previous schools and u tell them u did it.

This is Siling.

And if Siling in an unfortunate event is gone… I will say… the spirit of Siling will never die..

And I like to add, some years later. Not too long. I bumped into Ms Leong from Anderson Secondary, she had no recollection of me, the young boy she threw out of her school.

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