A former Subway franchise owner has come forward to reveal more details behind the story of the foreign consultant who has been making life difficult for local franchise owners in Singapore.

Read her account here.

Dear A.S.S,

I refer to your article yesterday about the management of Subway deliberately making things difficult for service staffs and thought it will be good to attach a picture to the story and further expond on what happened to me as a former business owner of this franchise.

The lady in the picture is the described consultant from hell who thinks she’s above all regulations and tags her young son to demonstrate her “power” at work.

I do not know the rationale of the so called “head office management” of Subway but what I do know is, to counter the rapidly failing franchise of this brand, the consultants will deliberately penalise you for shortcomings that are simply ridiculous to collect extra “revenues” in the form of superimposed fines and eventually leading you to sell off your store to another which is another round of collection of fresh fees. Has anyone ever had food poisoning while consuming sandwiches managed by the various independent owners?

This happened to me as I trusted a filipino to run my store and found out later that he collaborated with the consultant to force the closure of my store via the points penalization system. He purposely “chalked” up on violations which carried the most points that sabotaged my business.

I can truly tell you that our government is all hot air when it comes to “entrepreneurship” and is merely on the side of foreign interests and businesses that benefits Temasek or its proxies. The 70% have just screwed the rest of us and delivered us straight to the wolves in sheep’s clothings to be devoured!

A.S.S. Contributor

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