My cousin gave me 4 shaw premier tickets for star wars showing on the 19Dec’15 at 2305hrs at Shaw Theatres nex and eventually my 3 friends and I proceeded to watch it. Just when we alrdy comfortably settled ourselves in the cinema hall, a couple of the theatre’s staffs approached us and said that the seats we were on were actually taken by 4 other customers.

Apparently there were some confusions going on and they asked me for the credit card that was used to purchase those tickets. I made a call to my cousin and put her on the line with the theatre Manager. After accessing the whole situation, we were made to leave the cinema as it had came to light that those 4 seats were actually being paid for by the other customers.

Feeling puzzled and pissed off because we were the ones who possessed the physical tickets but yet were asked to leave, the Manager calmly explained to us regarding the whole situation. He said that it was their system’s error and by right conflicts like that should not have happened. He also said that he would give us compensation for eg. 4 free standard tix on the spot + all snacks and beverages on the house, and 4 free shaw premier tix for any movie of our choice during our next visit.

He handled the confusion and conflict really well and was really patient with the other customers who were whining and complaining. For his patience, positive attitude towards customers, and his ability to handle such situations well, i believe that he should be complimented.

#singaporeanservice he made me feel glad that there is still singapore talent in service line and not just FT. Thanks abg, and thumbs up for you!

A.S.S. Contributor

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