A naive friend of mine was scammed of almost close to $700 online by this fella who seems to still be a NSF. The only thing my friend had of him was his handphone number as the scammer claimed that he could not run when his HP is known. He had at the beginning even promised to pay interest as he could not pay upfront and dragged payment for a week while totally avoiding my friend before blocking my friend.

Went to google his handphone number in hopes of finding more information about him and his pic and post appears on a few sex forums and here’s one of the posts which I had censored part of his mobile :

Race:Mixed Chinese , the other half for you to find out !
Upload a photo (with or without your face):Been there done that !

Share your kink: Girls with long legs or heels , basically office ladies or girls that like to dress up , I do not judge so age , looks and size do not matter , in fact I prefer older woman , so as long as you are a lady who is sincere can pm me !

Share your interests/hobbies:Anything that cums with passion is cool , I also enjoy breakdancing and beat boxing

What you are looking for: Any lady who wants to be pleasured by me , a sincere one

What your selling point is: I work out a bit so I have a decent chest for you to play with , for my tool size it is seven inch long and entertaining you is my priority , if you are keen wechat me at timothygelato1995 or whatsapp/text me at xxxx1653 as I do not check here , cheers ! I’m also willing to cover the hotel cost for the both of us .

Are army personnel even allowed to post or do such things? Or has the rules become so laxed

He had further lied to the other buyers and sellers saying that he had fulfilled the payment of $700 while acting like the victim. We would not be pursuing this in such a manner if he had just communicated and responded even if he could not pay immediately.

If he really wants more girls to know him and scam people to fund his current lifestyle, then let’s lend him a helping hand and make him famous.

Angry Netizen

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