In response to an A.S.S. expose about the problems plaguing the local Tamil TV industry, a young actress has spoken up to confirm the nasty treatment dished out to employees.
Read her account here.
I dont wish to be named so I am going with my nickname as it will effect my career in this media industry. Saw the article previously about the production assistant and was inspired to tell my story. Maybe it will help.
I was called by a production house for acting for exposure. Acting on tv is my childhood dream. I been acting since secondary school for stage dramas, I thought it was my chance to make it on the screen. I understand starting will be hard. I never do this for the money but this ppl all dont want to understand that I no money even to travel to shoot when they call. 
Sometimes they call me the day before. Sometimes on the day itself. I still am acting but for very little money. What I am saying is that the people here only talk. Wont do anything. They delay my pay of 70 dollars for 5 MONTHS and they said i will get it be the END OF THE MONTH…!!! when i ask for it the manager say she want to blacklist me for being troublesome. 
I am a poly student, they sometimes ask me to take MC for shooting. I not the only one, got so many actors and actress get this type treatment. 
Nobody is listening to us I hope you do.

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