A foreigner has written in to complain about the lack of a foreigners-only queue at a local Singapore bank. The foreigner had tried to remit money to his family in Manila but ended up being unable to do so because of the long queue. He demands that the Singapore government open a separate queuing system for foreigners at major banks and other companies so as to cater to the large foreign population in Singapore. According to the reader, Singapore must allow foreigners in for its survival and so these foreigners should be treated better.

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Read his account here.

To the editor,

I wish to let people know of the very poor customer services of UOB City
Plaza and would further like you to know that this would not have happened if
the government had allowed more foreigners who stand ready to come in and
fill the many vacancies in this land.

I took a number (9115) to remit money to Manila for my family to have a good
Christmas at 1pm this past Tuesday and was very annoyed when it came to my
turn nearly 4pm. I was then told they were unable to do any transfers because
it was after 3pm. Well, it was not my fault as I had come early but the bank
just could not manage the volume of people there.

My suggestion to the Singapore government is to open separate foreign
counters mended directly by us, to serve only us given the large number of
invited foreigner workers in this country. Lets face facts, Singapore
government and citizens know their situation in this tiny red dot and their
only means of survival is by allowing us here so we in turn expect to be
treated better for this country cannot survive without our presence, much
like when it needed the British those days.

Mercado Reyes
A.S.S. Contributor

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