A.S.S. had previously published a response from a frontline ICA officer Adilla Ramli, who spoke about why immigration checks at checkpoints are taking longer than usual. However, she has now been on the receiving end of some unsavory and threatening messages online from Malaysian netizens. Some of them have even threatened to "look out for her" at the checkpoints.
Is this the type of foreigners we wish to be employing?
Read our reader's account here.
I am a Singaporean who recently came across a Malaysian Facebook page which shared the (ASS) story about the immigration officer lady who speak out her mind and encourage her fellow officers to do their best during the recent massive jams at the causeway.
Firstly, I would like to give my fullest appreciation and respect to the officers on the ground for  keeping Singapore safe around the clock! Thanks for keeping Singapore safe and sound. We should not take security for granted and Singaporeans have confidence in our border security officers!
I came across a Facebook page about the traffic situation in Johor bahru. Someone shared the story of the immigration officer who voice her mind about the traffic situation. To my surprise, many Malaysians commented negatively on our officers and how our checks are being done. By looking at their profile, we can see that they are working in Singapore. One even calls out to look for the officer when they are travelling by Woodlands or Tuas to "Kasi Dia".
Some call her stupid and one calls her to quit her job.Some questions about how the checks are being done.
From my opinion, why are we employing these kinds of hooligans in Singapore? I am worry about the safety of our officers on the ground. Do we take actions against these abusive foreign workers? Do we arrest them and send them back to their country? Do they have the right to question our authority and how our officers do our job?
NO! They come here to work, nobody forces them to come here. If they want to be abusive or make it difficult for our officers on the ground, they are not welcome to our country. End of the day, they only wants our Singapore dollar. Nobody forces them to work here. Nobody forces them to be stuck in jams for hours. It is their choice to be in that position. So do not complaint or abuse our authority. Our officers have a job to do and that is to keep Singapore safe!
Well done! True blue Singaporean like me appreciates the dedications and patience of our officers! keep it up!
Elizabeth Choy
A.S.S. Contributor

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