Dear Editor,

I’m writing to share my stress and woes in working as a mid level in Subway Singapore where the consultants are purposely trying their best to make things difficult for the local personnel to quit and give way for more foreigners to enter our positions due to the government’s pledges allowing so.

For one, we are unable to bring our children to work and have them seat at the dining area if we have no one to look after them for us while the consultants are able to allow their children to tag along when they do
inspections and watch their parent fire us. So the executives are parents while we are not? What kind of message or vibes are we sending the younger generation?

I was even told, one of my colleagues from another branch had a cup of Coke splashed on her by an angry Caucasian customer who did not get his unreasonable demand met but when they escalated the incident up to the Filipino consultant, she merely asked if the customer was Caucasian and advised the staff to let the matter rest when she had the confirmation.

If this is the beginning of the “new life” post GE where foreigners rule and have their way which the PAP claims to have the “endorsement” allowing this, I dread to know what happens until 2020. Matilah Singapura!

A.S.S. Contributor

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