Dear All Singapore Stuff,

This guy have an affair with someone’s pregnant wife. His name is Chia Ezi Huey (谢泽贵) age 50 born in 1965. He had an affair with people’s wife during her pregnancy which resulted to a family was broken.Not only this, he even ask the woman to divorce the husband and be with him.

He even ask the woman not to contact the husband and bring the 2 kids of the woman and her husband to hide in China. His motive is to make the husband go into depression and commit suicide so that the husband’s $ money from insurance, cpf and his flat will go to the woman.

Chia Ezi Huey where is your conscience? The 2 children are innocent. If you never do all this why hide and don’t dare to reply or show up and defence yourself? He is a taxi drive, he drives a toyota wish silver cab no. SHDXXXX.

This kind of evil man want to be famous for what he did so please share and make him famous and let more people know him! This post is not make to flame him, this flame is to create awarness of what kind of people we have in this society.

Wang Guimin
A.S.S. Contributor

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