Dear Editors,

On 23 Dec at abt 9:45am, I went to NTUC Foodfare at Blk 673B Choa Chu Kang Crescent. I went to the fishball noodle stall, operated by a lone PRC lady and ordered my noodles. She did not acknowledge nor looked up. I presumed my order is taken.

After she had cooked 2 other bowls of noodles, I asked her politely if I could change my order to Satay Bee Hoon. She looked up and snapped, Cooked already! I was shocked and said Ok, no problem. She went on to say in chinese, you think you wana eat anything also can meh? So early, not ready, who’s gonna cook for you?! 不是想吃就有的吃,这么早,谁煮给你!

Ok, I kept my cool and and gave her a smile. The old lady waiting beside me smiled at me and gave me a nod, told me to ignore her which I did.
A couple of seconds later, as I watched her prepare my noodles, I asked her how much to add more bean sprouts. And again, she retorted, Don’t have! I told you already, not everytime you wana eat you will get it! 没有!跟你说了,不是每次要吃就有的!

I lost my cool and told her to talk politely, a simple NO would suffice, no need to be sarcastic. She replied, too bad, that’s how I talked. By then, there was this commotion and the whole coffeeshop looked at us.

I am filled with anguish, this is what we get in our homeland, our own country. I never had this issue with local food sellers.

A.S.S. Contributor

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