Dear Editors,

I changed my car from a Toyota to a Nissan last month. Toyota is the Number 1 seller in Singapore. Nissan is Number 4. My Toyota car was a very good car. The Nissan car is equally good.

Yesterday, I brought my car in to Tan Chong Motors for the 1st 1000km servicing. The quality of service between Borneo Motors and Tan Chong Motors is very different. Borneo service staff was very attentive, courteous and helpful. Tan Chong service staff was indifferent.

After getting back my car I realised that the servicing was not recorded in the Nissan Maintenance Booklet. This is quite bad

Nissan used to be the No 1 car sales in Singapore. It has slipped to No 4. And perhaps the reason is due to bad after sales service.

Is there a morale problem with Tan Chong after sales service staff? I hope Tan Chong can improve its service to at least that of Borneo Motors

Tracy Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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