Dear MP/Sirs/Mdms/Officers-in-Charge,

First of all I would like to thank my MP, Mr Ong Teng Koon Sir, for your prompt action in following up with my request. I am embarrassed to keep bothering you over the same issue. This same issue has not been resolved and it’s getting complicated as days goes by with more agencies involved.

Next, I hope I had addressed to all the correct relevant departments. If I did not, I will appreciate if you could kindly forward to the rightful officer in charge.

I’m writing this email with great urgency as my legally married wife is about to depart Singapore, to stay and deliver my child in Malaysia. You can say I’m pretty desperate now as I really do not know what I should do. This instruction came from her current employer’s HR Manager indicating that they are following the conditions set out by MOM’s Employment Act. Attached in this email are the terms & conditions between MOM, Employer and my wife, Chai Mei Yen.

On the 16 Dec 2015, I went to ICA to submit my PR application and since I’m there, I decided to also check on my LTVP application status as it has been 7+ weeks after my application but I’ve no news on the outcome. I was greeted with a smile from the officer and he asked for my NRIC politely. After retrieving my record, I was eager to know what’s going on so as to plan my next course of action. Till date I still do not know the outcome even though I was told that all new/ renewal LTVP applications have a processing time of up to 6 weeks, there are instances where we may take longer as each case is assessed based on its own individual merits. I would expect this application to be shorter than 6 weeks as I’ve completed the Pre-Marriage LTVP Assessment(PMLA) and received the Letter of LTVP Eligibility (LLE).

However he suddenly sounded nonchalantly that I should continue to wait. And since I’ve went to see my MP, the waiting time would take longer and I should not have done that. So what is the officer implying by saying that by looking up my MP, the waiting time will be longer and why is that so? Next he added that it was also beyond ICA’s control that my wife will have to leave Singapore on the 7th month of her pregnancy. He said this is between MOM and the company.

The next day, 17 Dec 2015, I phoned MOM, under the work permit division, I told the officer about my problem. She told me that my question falls under Labour Relations and Workplaces Division and after I called this department, I was told to call back the work permit division. This time, Sue patiently listened to my situation and advised that my wife clarify with her current employer on the grounds that she has to leave Singapore to give birth. Sue also advised me to send an email to the Work Pass Dept for better clarification.

I’m clearly disappointed with the Inter-Agency coordination displayed in my case as I was being brought around in a circle but I understand how busy everyone is in at this time of the year. I hope to look beyond that as the priority is for me to be with my wife till the successful delivery of my child in Singapore. This issue had been causing tremendous mental distress, insomnia, confused, unfocused and growing emotional feelings as days near. This is causing negative effects to our personal health, work and relationship.

Please help and advise if my wife could continue her stay, employment and subsequently deliver our child in Singapore beyond the 23 Dec 2015, even though her LTVP has not been approved.

Yours Sincerely,
Jerry Qiu

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