Dear Editors,

My parents received text about Genting giving complimentary stay and as they do not know how to speak both english and mandarin, only teochew and dialects, they told me to help them to call and book the room which I did.

I called and made a reservation and explained why am I calling instead of my parents as they do not know how to make reservation and also language barrier, the reservation officer (Mr. Salleh) insisted that they want to my parents to call in which i kept repeating the problem my parents are facing, is there any exception case for this type of situation. I did propose to him that why not they just give them a call and ask a chinese speaking or even an officer who can speak dialect to verify their identities but Mr Salleh decline and kept wanting my parents to call in. I could not understand why the officer simply cannot understand the difficulties the older generation who were not educated was facing.

Despite my multiples explanation, this Mr Salleh (he refused to give me his name and threatened to cancel the booking several times as) . If Genting wants to provide complimentary stay, why must they make things difficult for old folks. After arguing, I decided to re-call the reservation line and speak to another officer as Mr Salleh refused to lend a helping hand and keep asking my parents to call in. This time, i spoke to Ms Wany, again, i repeated the entire story and she put me on hold for almost 8 mins, but at least in the end, she said she will ask a Chinese speaking agent to call my parents to verify. Why is there a double standards?
She was the one who gave me the name Mr Salleh who trying to make things difficult and refused to provide name.

Genting reservation services really bad and completely unfriendly. The give complimentary to the old folks but the attitude they provide was like as though we are begging. The officer who spoken to my mum told her,”Want or not, if don’t want i cancel!” What type of customer service will talk in such a manner?

Ms Tay
A.S.S. Contributor

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