Dear Editor

I saw this post from Migrant Workers’ Centre Facebook page on the raid of an illegal foreign workers dormitory. I want to bring this out as it was not reported on Straits Times or Channel News Asia.

I was shocked by it because I can’t imagine such large-scale organised illegal activity happening in Singapore. One of the photos says that at there are a hundred workers staying at that facilities. If you see closely, it seems that as much as ten workers were being stuffed into a 20 foot container. And the living condition is totally not acceptable. Socket connected to multiple devices was laid carelessly on the floor. Cooking stoves are just next to the bed. I can imagine how the place could easily catch fire.

After seeing these photos, I can’t help but ask, how long have such activities been hidden from the authorities. And how many more out there?

This case also reminded me of the recent maid abuse case where a Philippino maid was starved from 49kg to 29kg. And now we are putting all these vulnerable workers in such living conditions. As a Singaporean I am ashamed of such things that some of our countrymen did. And I can’t help but ask, have we become a land of abuser?

GM Seah
A.S.S. Contributor

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