We are a group on victims who got scammed by an online seller in Carousell. Her name is Karen Zhuo Xingfang. Her usernames in Carousell are Queen Imperio (KS Imperio), TK Empire, Khoo Palace & Glacious. Those who purchased from her before, no doubt your items are fake! She usually deals below her block at Hougang Ave 2 or she will use courier. Sometimes she will even ask her maid or mother in law to pass the items to buyers.

She sold us fake branded like Chanel, Hermes, Dior and Fendi. From accessories to shoes. She scammed around 60K from us. Serial scammer! When we realised it’s fake, we confronted her and she denied! Still insisting it’s real and emphasized it’s her “air stewardess” sister who was the one who purchased the items from Europe. She even threatened us with her “lawyer uncle”, saying will sue us for defamation. What a joke! And till now, we also never received any letter from her so called lawyer! Bullshit!

Then everyone of us proceeded to lodge police reports. Police got alerted as it was a serial scammer. So she was arrested in November 2015. Her house also got raided and police took away many many “branded” stuffs from her place. Ever since, investigations has been on going. And she is out on bail. But she is still continuing to scam people!

Actually she agreed to refund us before police arrested her but she “changed her mind” upon arrest. She and her husband, Mark Khoo decided not to refund us anymore. And saying we are harassing them. And even called for the police when we went up to ask for refund. Absurd! Criminals calling for police help?? Don’t they know “owe money pay money”? They have since been using the police as their shield. Every time anyone of us message Karen Zhuo for refund, she will say she will speak to her investigation officer or ask her to call her investigation officer. What?! Everything also push to police! She is so annoying!

And now, she is avoiding all our calls and messages. Since she has no wish to refund us or give us an explanation, then we make sure she gets famous! Let everyone in Singapore know this couple who scam people! Karen Zhuo Xingfang & Mark Khoo!]

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