Dear Editors,

Was at kallang wave when A “trying to be smart” pregnant FT rudely sat on our seating with our belongings arnd. When we told her excuse me, she immediately told us this is public space.

Lol I giggle wondering what the hell she was trying to imply, when our pram was in front of her, our slippers and shoes was at the bottom of the place. She was literally seating on our belongings. Told her that these are our stuff ure seating on. Again she blab insisting this is public space

Lol I gave a laugh and told her, why do u think u r any better or smarter. Here not India leh, no caste system, u need to askk…At least politely ask for a seat. Public space yess!! But not India public space, we would gladly share the seat n move our belongings for u if u ASK. Now I say I lost my mobile phone, call the police and accuse u can? Coz ure seating on our belongings. So proud untill cannot ask for a seat issit? We end up giggling n laughing n somehow annoy her the whole time we were there.

Too bad we had to leave early and prepare the whole bench for her and thank her for the amusement.

I have alot of good FT friends that are surprisingly even more polite than us but this one sheep tickles me so much I have to share.

FYI shes not the only pregnant lady, my 6month old pregnant wife was standing for her when this happen.

My Cheap Thrill
A.S.S. Contributor

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