When the new stations for Downtown Line (DTL) open this Sunday (27th December), adding 12 stations from Bukit Panjang to Rocher to the existing line, Transport Minister says that commuters should expect some “teething issues” over the next few months.

In his blog post, Khaw said that engineers have done thousands of tests of the whole system over the past few months, including many tests between the integration points of DTL1 and DTL2, but his engineers have told him that a typical “bedding-in” period of several months is needed before the system stabilizes. Mr Khaw warned that train disruptions could be expected during this period.

“While they can perform all forms of testing in a simulated environment, they cannot fully replicate how the system will actually perform in a live environment involving thousands of commuters,” Mr Khaw wrote.

“This time round, when we need to integrate a new stretch of the line with another that is already in operation, we can expect more challenges,

“But we are working hard to minimise any disruptions in this teething process. We must also anticipate the worst, and have drawer plans for contingencies in the event that disruptions do occur.”

Rides on the entire DTL will be free from 27th December 2015 to 1st January 2016.

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