Dear Editors,

We parent not around does not mean she can be rude n threat my children. I was seating at A21 table. This was at garden by the bay, satay at the bay food centre. My first time there today with my kid n we went there early to have some light dinner n enjoy the event held at super tree….

My wife spot this table was doing clearing n cleaning. My kid age 7,6,4 n I seat down. There is not sign on the table that property belonging to who as we see the table no as the same as other

We seat about 5min before sourcing for food. My wife n I went to source but a lady approach my kid n told them something which my kid kept to themselves until we left the place about 2040 where is incident happen about before 1820

When I bring food back to the table, I can see my kid age 7 eye tear rolling inside n seen frightening for the other two kid..About 2-3min later a lady say I can’t sit at this table as belong to her stall..

N I ask her how then, her reply is where got so good n nice table to sit down where everyone looking for table.. I offer to order food from her n she agree a bit to support will do

I order a stingray BBQ n rice $13 n she grumble to me rudely “not even $20 wan a table like this” n I have no choice order a extra horfun… Total $19 n she still not happy by the face n pressing me to order satay from her…. Don’t we customer have a freedom to sit n order our food at the world most expensive garden??

Other couple is waiting for our table n she told them wan the table must order food from them.. N the couple ask if order other stall food ok to sit here took n her reply will do as long got order from her…..

On the way home my kid age 7 cry inside the car, as she felt hurt on her pride when the stall lady chasing her n the sibling away from the table…..

I hope the agency can do something to void such thing happen again…. This is a public place n anyone can sit at their wish…. If not state clearly on the table…..

A.S.S. Contributor

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