I attended Singapore Turf Club International Racing Festival road shows and was extremely displeased the way they have conducted the road shows and the way they treated the public.

1) They did not allowed the public to take pictures of the road show. The road shows were conducted in Shopping Centres and not in Turf Club own premise. They cannot stop a member of the public from taking pictures in a public area, this is against the law. The Singapore Turf Club don’t own these public places.

2) The staffs were very suspicious of people carrying camera, they will stalk around them to see what pictures they were taking. Maybe if they found some suspicious pictures, they can arrest that person on the spot? Is this Asian Aerospace where there’s high tech military grade intelligence or handwares around to cause the organizer to be in such a paranoid state? All I can see is few cheapkate wooden displays, a wooden horse and a few babes walking around in dress like a jockey. The babes are all wearing white pants. They worried about people taking upskirt photos?

3) The staff are particular nasty to the general public when one female staff was shouting and yelling for the crowd to disperse from the main stage. Is there the correct way to treat the public specially from a big and well known entity like Singapore Turf Club to behave?

Jerry Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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