Hi editor,

I just left my job as a production assistant for a production company I dont wish to mention. The things that go on in the indian media is very shocking.

I joined because of passion. But I got paid little to nothing and worked long hours. In fact, actors don’t get paid. Only the famous actors like Eshwari and Jaynesh popularity will get paid on time. Others have to wait in queue and sometimes excuses are given “accountant not in” “we will clear your payment after the show” “Don’t worry, it’s still processing”.

They like to get the young talent, secondary school and poly students to act. They say they will get exposure and get them to act for free. Many actors on TV are free actors or cheap actors.

I writing this cause it is not one production house, every production house got this problem. For example, some company pay them $10,000 for an episode with 5 people on screen, so boss pay camera man 200, Sound man 150, usually they will get one famous actor and pay them 100 dollars. The remaining roles are usually for people who don’t know how to act but want to be on TV, The boss will always ask if they want exposure, which means free la.

Remaining money go where? Boss’ pocket.

For other parts of the production, they hire foreigners from India to work for them because they are nice but scared. Make them do more than one job beyond their job scope, like if a foreigner is hired to be an editor, the boss will ask him to work for his other business. One time two time, It’s okay but after awhile its always. They work long hours and don’t know where to go.

The famous actors get paid and are scared to say something on Facebook. The young people don’t know that they are being used. All because they work free or get token fee then the production company will keep the remaining money as profit. A lot of these actors also don’t know that they are being used. If you want to know why Tamil TV very bad is because all this put together then f*cked up.

A.S.S. Contributor

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