We would to share with you and everyone regarding an incident on the 22nd of November 2015.

Me and my wife were watching a movie in Golden Village Cinemas Plaza Singapura on that day. Sitting next to us was a couple who wouldn’t stop talking loudly during the movie. Unable to concentrate and after giving them several chances to quiet down, my wife politely asked them to keep it down as it was very distracting. It was uneventful for the rest of the movie and they quietened down.

Upon exiting the cinema and in front of a crowd of people, the man came from behind and brazenly splashed/dunked a full cup of cold soft drink over my wife’s head. I grabbed him and shoved him against the wall but went back to check if my wife was alright.

He ran away after shouting “F*** you”

We decided not to give chase as we were not going to get into a fist fight with this man. His girlfriend/wife was nowhere to be seen.

My wife’s clothes and bag were ruined but these are materials that can be replaced.

What was truly disgusting and appalling about this act was the cowardice and gross transgression that this bully demonstrated. How can a man do this to a woman and all for something where he was at fault
in the first place? Furthermore, my wife was very polite about it. The girlfriend/wife may have been pregnant as well (we’re not sure) and is this how a father-to-be behaves and inspires his family members?

We have done the necessary so far and have made a police report. The case is currently being investigated and he should be easily found as he foolishly/thankfully bought the movie tickets with his credit card. As soon as we obtain his details via the police, we will be pursuing a lawsuit against this man.

Attached is the photo grab of this bully with his wife/girlfriend. Please help us share this photograph and expose him for the coward and bully he truly is.

Enraged Husband
A.S.S. Contributor

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