A reader has contributed a post by a frustrated taxi driver who met with a rude and demanding foreigner while on the roads yesterday. According to the taxi driver, a female passenger boarded his taxi at Club Street and told him to take her to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.The drive took a total of 22 minutes from 1.30PM to 1.52PM. However, upon reaching her destination, the foreigner tried to blame the taxi driver for “driving too slow” ad refused to pay him any fare. The taxi driver was left with no choice but to call the police, who eventually convinced her to pay or risk a trip to the police station.

Read the driver’s account here.

Pcb tis ang mo gal dun play my taxi money say I driving too slow. I pick her at club st 1.30pm I reach tan an merah ferry 1.52pm izit slow. N she say dun pay me any fare.

I think she got mental problem. Evan police cm she also kpkb say I driving too slow den she dun wan to pay the taxi fare. The say to her if she dun wan to paid for it will bring her back to police station. End up LL pay by credit card.

Torren Teo

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