PAP has done many wrong things and is arrogant. There are enough suggestions on how the pap should be diligent on spending public money, in carrying out its duties and be responsive to constructive suggestions. But often the pap fails to see its mistakes and dismisses legitimate suggestions as kpkb. Instead of thinking what Singaporeans raised as complaints, the pap should search their hearts and see whether what Singaporeans said are true.

Just look at the following PAP mistakes:
1. AIM saga
2. Hep C caused 7 deaths
3. Import of infectious diseases such as TB
4. Social divide due to huge import of 3rd world trash
5. MRT problems
6. Medical care problems
7. Using public money to benefit TLC such as SMRT and SBS
8. Telling half truths to Singaporeans
9. Neglect to take care of poor, sick and aged Singaporeans
10.Selling Singapore to foreigners
11. Exploiting workers to benefit businesses

Did pap learn from their mistakes?

The small things Singaporeans raised will add up to kill Singapore if pap is allowed to perpetuate their misdeeds

Tracy Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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