Dear Editors,

i’m singaporean and i run a company that is in the service industry. i’ve been reading allsingaporestuff.com whenever i’m free and i realised that theres a lot of complaints about foreign talent and jobs in singapore. I agree on some issues that we need to look at the numbers to make sure that we do not spoil the singapore culture, that we as singaporeans all have secured jobs. However i’d like to point out that in general, Singaporeans are LAZY and demanding.

There are many available jobs out there for you. At interviews, when i describe the working hours, a foreign talent will say ” Yes,i’m okay with that” a singaporean will tell me ” wah, so long ah” When i negotiate salaries with foreigners, they tell me ” yes, i’m willing to work” a singaporean will tell me “i need higher salary because i’m this and this” Yes, your grades are good, you come from a decent university but what have you proven to the company thus far? What have you done to show that you’re different from the foreign candidate? Why should i hire you over the foreigner if you’re both going to be doing the same job but one is okay with longer hours, and a lower salary?

I’m more than willing to hire singaporeans. I’m open to paying them a little more than a foreigner because i believe that singaporeans deserve it over a foreigner anytime BUT it must be proven first. Instead of complaining, why dont you guys just buckle down and work at proving that singaporeans can really work instead of just complaining and demanding.

Singaporean Boss
A.S.S. Contributor

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