Former RVHS principal Koh Yong Chia was convicted of providing false information to the senior MOE official about his extramarital affair with school vendor Loke Wai Lin. Koh had over a 7 year period awarded $3.2 million worth of contracts to companies owned by Ms Loke.

Koh was principal of JJC from January 2003 to December 2009. After which he transferred to River Valley High School in Dec 2009. Ms Loke was the director and majority shareholder in companies EA 21 and EI which provided education services to schools.

Ms Loke was with TCS when she first approached Koh Yong Chia to take part in an overseas community project in 2000. Soon a mutual attraction developed between the two and they had sex during a school trip to Lijiang, China. Loke subsequently divorced her husband in 2005.

During Koh’s seven year reign as Principal in JJC and RVHS, he was the final approving authority for contracts and failed to disclose his intimate relationship with Ms Loke. After an anonymous complaint in 2004, he was called up for interview and lied to the investigating official.

DPP G Kannan urged the Judge to impose a custodian 4 to 6 weeks imprisonment on Koh who had abused his “apex position” in a public institution.

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