I stumbled upon his browsing history on a tablet where he synced his google account. Noticed he has been visiting Sammyboy forum and browsed through pubs with happy endings and massage parlors where you can get extra services. If you are familiar with that forum, you will know that guys share their “field reports” on the feedback and who they met etc.. and my hub was asking for contact of the place and about a week later, he responded and said so and so services not bad.. 🙁

I crashed, devastated, cried but in the end, I didn’t manage to confront him. All because I didn’t know how. We are married for 4years, dated for more than 10 and have a young child. I let this matter pass though I dropped hints that I know he’s up to something no good by sending him some links on cheating husbands etc but at the back of my head, I still have this 心病 and hope someone can share what will they do if you are in my shoes.

I do not have solid evidence, I thought of checking his in-car camera etc or even tailing him when he goes out after dinner.

I confided in one of his friends, we were quite close chit chat mates before I got married and he also asked what I want after confronting him. I worry what will happen if we split, then the kid how? Where will I stay, am I strong and stable enough to live without him.. Coz other than this “activity”, he’s a doting father and also takes care of me.

Bedroom wise, I must admit that he has initiated a few times but somehow, I’m just not in the mood especially after giving birth. And when I agree, it’s really like “eng xiu” him, get it over and done with. This is also something where I wonder if I’m at fault that he turned towards this? I checked the account and noticed that he is a member after I popped, so maybe it’s really the lack of bedroom activity. My self confidence is now at an all time low.

Any advice?

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