Dear Editor’s,

I’m a Malaysian who, like many others Malaysian, have to wake up very early in the morning and walk across to Singapore to work everyday due to heavy jammed on causeway.


Regarding about yesterday jammed at checkpoint and also what i’ve read the article from Ho Seng, below are just my personal opinions:

1) Jam at causeway has been there for quite a very long time ago at both side of checkpoint and it’s getting worse due to tight security check after the Paris incident recently and now school holiday and also festive season.

2) Because of the attractive currency exchanged rate, more Malaysian is coming and work in Singapore and more Singaporean travel in Malaysia for vacation or shopping.

3) Both checkpoint officer’s has been very efficient and maintain their work procedures on theirs duty to make ensure everyone is safe when enter or exit the country, either Singapore or Malaysia and other countries as well.

As i’ve just mentioned, we (Malaysian’s and Singaporean’s), no matter on what purpose that we have to travel in and out through the checkpoints, either daily or occasionally, be well prepare and ready and also please do not blame and complaint about this or that when unpleasant situation happens. And also please do not say something politically sensitive subject to create unnecessary issue because Malaysia and Singapore are (Brother’s) and very close to each other.

I hope and wish that Ho Seng able to understand what message that i’m trying to send to you, okay?

Well, i’ve just reach my working place in Singapore at East and now is 7:20am. I hope that my grade C English on this article won’t cause you headache when reading. Wish you all enjoy the weekend.

A.S.S. Contributor

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